Welcome to the MSI Blog: Key Insights Impacting Marketing Research Industry

How things have changed through the years. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, when I first became a market researcher, much of our information was gathered from yearly conferences that were well attended by the thought leaders of our industry.  Although these still exist, blogging has become a primary method to start a dialogue on key trends in today’s environment.

That is why we are pleased to welcome you to the new MSI International blog.  Look at this as a place to learn about the latest insights from our senior staff on issues impacting the marketing research industry. We hope this blog will help you work smarter so you can more easily reach your marketing and sales goals.

And our plan is to go well beyond just our “industry” news. We will be highlighting key trends within the wider marketplace, cutting-edge ideas about marketing and the impact of quickly evolving technologies on our daily lives.

We’ll also use this space to talk about developments at MSI, new approaches we’ve experimented with and our ongoing effort to improve the quality of the insights we derive and the respondent experience.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the musings of our senior management.  Hopefully you’ll find some things to make you think, smile or just provide a break over lunch.


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