The Oscars Survey

February 24th is the biggest Hollywood event of the year. Although we’d like to think we’re above it all, let’s admit it, we’re all a little hopeful of an embarrassing trip up the stairs to collect the award or some incoherent babble we can laugh at in an acceptance speech. Really, who doesn’t love Jack Nicholson smirking in the front row or question why we all need to listen to the tight security guarding the results by PricewaterhouseCoopers? Celebrity, glitterati, whatever you call it, it’s completely superficial but yet we can’t help ourselves. It’s fun! It’s an event! We love movies!

So, unlike our usual efforts where we typically solicit opinions among people that are well informed on the topic, here we’re just interested in what you think. No movie going required. Just opinions.

The survey is available at and will be available through 7pm, Sunday, February 24th.

Chalk another one up for Beer Bloggles shameless pandering!

Check back after the awards when we compare our selections with the “experts”!

Hooray for Hollywood!



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