Every Picture Tells a Story

Social_Media_ReportIn the words of Rod Stewart – every picture tells a story. At MSI we’re constantly bantering about social media, which sites will make it, which ones will die a slow death. So we decided to take a deeper look at a variety of social and technology trends in 2013. And we’re going to tell that story with pictures. Our first foray was a look at the social media sites with the largest followings. And in order to tell the story, we used a tried but true method of having consumers associate “faces” of consumers with the sites. A total of 10 pictures were used to get out the faces and personality of the major social media sites.

And what we found may surprise you…

  • Facebook doesn’t appear to be dying a slow death as some have predicted
  • As more social sites are adopted, users tend not to throw out the baby with bathwater – rather they more deeply immerse themselves in social media,
  • And probably not surprising – Twitter and Instagram should be watched closely

To learn more go to The Faces of Social Media: Perceptions in 2013 report and take a look at what we found.

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