Faces of Consumption: Smartphones The Incidental Finding

CELL_usageHave you ever intended to look up something in particular, only to end up discovering something else? To draw a parallel to marketing research, this would be similar to initiating a study with a set of objectives only to find an unexpected outcome. In research, we refer to the discovery of unexpected outcomes as incidental findings. In spite of incidental findings being unintentional, they often lead to rich insight.

Recently, I began drilling down on mountains of interesting data regarding our Faces of Consumption initiative when I stumbled upon incidental findings that were intriguing.

Personalizing Your Marketing Research

Customized_researchAs users of marketing research intelligence, we recognize the merits of custom marketing research clearly outweigh a one-size-fits-all approach. Studies designed around precise objectives yield outcomes specifically addressable to those objectives. With all that said, a recent experience as a survey participant prompted me to think of opportunities to take our customization even further. This began thanks to a restaurant that I visit frequently sending me a questionnaire where I became a highly involved participant. Little did I know that the information I was about to provide would be leveraged into action for my INDIVIDUAL benefit. Following is how the process played out as well as ideas going forward on how you can personalize marketing research to your customers’ benefit.

Super Bowl 2013: Year of The Big Bang Ad Theory

Superbowl_TV_CommercialBased on a light traffic commute to work and an abundance of parking spaces available in the office park, a feeling permeated that Super Bowl 2013 had been widely viewed. Based on one’s gut, this is a logical conclusion since the day which follows Super Bowl Sunday is the single most called out sick day of the year by workers. In fact, a petition has been sent to the attention of the Federal Government to consider letting hundreds of thousands of Super Bowl viewers take the following Monday off.

As marketing research professionals, one yearns for more tangible evidence. To meet that end, old school secondary research was attainable in the form of TV viewership data. Would U.S. ratings for Super Bowl 2013 be larger than classic finales such as MASH, Dallas (aka Who Shot J.R.) or Cheers? Could Super Bowl 2013 surpass other highly rated Super Bowls or sports events like the Olympics? Is it possible that more people watched Super Bowl 2013 than Michael Jackson talking to Oprah, Gone with the Wind, Roots or even the Bob Hope Christmas Special? Super Bowl 2013 might be big but could it be larger than the aforementioned events?

Corporate Responsibility Continued

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about mid-size corporate citizenship and MSI’s yearlong program go to give back to the community. Since then we completed Movember. MSI raised over $9000 dollars for Prostate and Testicular Cancer. Also our employees adopted a local family and provided a complete holiday experience for them – gifts, clothes and holiday meal. I should add that they did this entirely on their own – sometimes these efforts are far more gratifying than our planned corporate efforts.

This holiday season MSI will again support global children charities. However, we need your input into which charities we should support. You may be receiving a card from us with a QR code and web address where our clients and friends can vote on which charities we should support. Please take a moment to vote on your favorite charity. Or, you can go to www.msimsi.com/holiday and vote now.

And on behalf of MSI, MSI-ACI and all of our employees I wish the very best to you and your families this holiday season and look forward to working with you in the coming year.


From the Trenches: A Discussion on Customer Loyalty

Tom Connelly: Until recently, you could not turn on a TV or go online without seeing the buzz surrounding the release of the new iPhone 5. Along with the release came impassioned reviews and critiques – is the new design better?

Feel, Think and Act: Decomposing Brand Affinity

We’ve all struggled with defining brand affinity.  For example, the car industry itself can be confusing. Do we really drive a Mercedes because of its high-caliber engineering? Do we drive a Volvo because of its safety?

The answer to these questions is never really that clear.